About Outra

Outra is a customer data science business. We use data with speed, precision and AI to understand and delight customers. We create predictive data and use Velocita, our Customer Data Platform, to empower clients, enhance capability and deliver results.

We bring a modern, science-led approach to delivering actionable insight at speed. With Quanta segmentation we combine disparate data sources and use the latest AI and deep learning, powered by cloud-based technology, to help transform your business. We understand how to use data to create segmentations for all business objectives, and interpret consumer behaviours and attitudes. We learn from the past, optimise the present and shape the future.

Outra is an independent, senior and highly experienced team who genuinely understand the challenges of the CEO. We are passionate about increasing the value of data through science and automation. We work entirely for brands to advise and implement the best data and technology solutions to maximise return from investments in data. 

What we do

We bring together disconnected data sources with AI to identify customer behaviours, reveal motivations and predict change.

We take your data and combine it with our proprietary data and external data sources to find patterns of behaviour that people can’t see.

We apply deep learning in our Quanta Segmentation to build insights about your customers to understand why they behave as they do and what motivates them to act.

We monitor and analyse this data over time to interpret trends and predict future customer needs.

We provide transparency and automation through Velocita. Our integrated platform orchestrates the use of multiple sources of data, models and decisioning to enable you to make smarter, faster decisions and improve customer experiences.

The Outra Difference


Complete transparency

We protect your reputation with governance and all our products and solutions are fully GDPR compliant and built with ePrivacy regulation in mind. We build on an open platform for collaboration which can be controlled by you. We build all our AI models so everyone understands how decisions are made and reputations protected. 

Unrivalled expertise

Our leadership team are all highly experienced data practitioners who work directly with you to deliver new and better customer experiences. They are supported by a team of leading data scientists and analysts who use advanced science and deep learning techniques to develop a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ products and tailored solutions.

Future-proof open source technology

We have a full end-to-end Customer Data Platform and capability to manage data and science with built-in automation and machine learning. We use best-in-class components so we future proof our business and yours.

Faster, more efficient delivery

Our start-up mentality will never leave us. We can tailor our products and services to meet your exact requirements. We focus on automation and our mission is to deliver faster, better and cheaper than traditional options. Our goal is to build what normally takes months, in days. 

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