Read our pragmatic guide for businesses considering AI implementation as a driver of customer value.

Artificial IntelligenceConsidered the fourth industrial revolution, AI is changing the way organisations do business. The opportunity it affords is vast and research shows that using AI to automate processes and enable deeper and more predictive analytics provides significant competitive advantage. As with any new technology, the Hype Cycle associated with it impacts its adoption. There are already many examples of failed projects and there is much confusion in the market around whether or not it is worth the investment.

Our White Paper provides a pragmatic guide for businesses considering AI implementation as a driver of customer value. It outlines the key questions that are essential to be considered before embarking on an AI journey:

  • Providing a clear definition of AI and Machine Learning and explaining the difference between the two
  • Outlining how AI can add strategic value to your business
  • Identifying the seven steps that must be considered before embarking on any AI project including diagnosing if AI is the right solution, understanding how an AI project differs from any other technological project, putting the right team into place and ensuring you have the right data
  • Optimising the chance of project success
  • Ensuring data compliance and adherence to ethical best practice
  • Determining whether AI is worth the investment.

It’s clear that AI has the ability to enhance the value of a business. However, it is not a plug and play solution. It takes resource, expertise and commitment. Understanding this is the first major hurdle which is why we hope this white paper will provide much needed clarity in a complex marketplace.

The White Paper can be downloaded here.

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