data scientists should consider

Five Important Considerations for Data Scientists

Data science as a strategic business tool is growing in prominence. It therefore isn’t surprising that a recent study by ...
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Changing Consumer

Keeping up with the customer

"This year change was also identified as a major concern. In particular two types of change – the speed of ...
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Lara Korz, Azur

Data science gives a competitive advantage by delivering a better customer experience

Data science is giving Azur a competitive advantage by delivering a better customer experience. With Lara Korz - Chief Data ...
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people and transformation

From digital transformation to data transformation

Fifteen years ago there was much debate about the chasm that existed between marketing and IT. This gap took the ...
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Data Provenance and Ethics

Is Data Provenance and Ethics one of Your Corporate New Year’s Resolutions? If Not, It Should Be!

2018 and the introduction of GDPR seems to be a fading memory for many based on what I see as ...
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Six factors for modelling with confidence in 2019

As 2019 draws near there has already been a plethora of predictions about what the New Year will have in ...
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insurance industry

The pragmatic applications of AI in the Insurance Industry

Increasingly artificial intelligence and deep learning are hitting the headlines. Recently it was reported that IBM has created a secret ...
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Year Ahead: Get set for the rise of nano-segmentation

Segmenting people into groups based on something they have in common has been around since the 16th Century – Yeomans, ...
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on guard - 5 data security tips to reduce the risk of a breach-small

On guard! 5 data security tips to reduce the risk of a breach

Holding customer data is becoming an increasingly perilous duty for businesses of all sizes. With data breaches on the rise ...
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