algorithmic bias

Algorithmic Bias, Discrimination and a Call to Action

As the adoption of AI by businesses gathers momentum, addressing the growing issue of Algorithmic Bias is becoming increasingly important ...
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Ai and insurance

Enriching traditional insurance models with AI

Solving common insurance issues such as customer churn and managing risk through the application of AI, can provide more accurate ...
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Artificial Intelligence

AI Implementation Drives Customer Value

Read our pragmatic guide for businesses considering AI implementation as a driver of customer value.Considered the fourth industrial revolution, AI ...
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From Digital Transformation to Data Transformation

Forget Digital Transformation, Data Transformation is Key

As digital transformation moves into maturity, we look to the emerging discipline of data transformation and what it means for ...
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Explainability of predictive models

Why is Explainability important and how can it be achieved?

By law, organisations must take accountability for how they are using and processing data. Exlainability is key to this. Picture ...
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data scientists should consider

Five important considerations for Data Scientists

Data science as a strategic business tool is growing in prominence.It is not surprising that a recent study by Deloitte ...
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Changing Consumer

Keeping up with the customer

"This year two types of business change are deemed important – the speed of technological change and the changing consumer." ...
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Lara Korz, Azur

Data science gives a competitive advantage by delivering a better customer experience

Data science is giving Azur a competitive advantage by delivering a better customer experience. With Lara Korz - Chief Data Officer, ...
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digital transformation to data transformation

From Digital Transformation to Data Transformation

Fifteen years ago there was much debate about the chasm that existed between marketing and IT. This gap took the ...
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