2019 - data will be the new IP-small

2019: Data will be the new IP

Research from Dresner Advisory Services reveals that 53 per cent of organisations are using predictive analytics to help them enhance ...
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Power of change in segmentation

The Power of Change in Segmentation

It is often said that the only constant is change. Why, therefore is change rarely used as a variable in ...
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Sprechen sie segmentation

Sprechen sie segmentation?

Nelson Mandela once said “ if you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his ...
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Segmentation: fail to plan, plan to fail

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly usual to hear anecdotally of segmentation systems that are failing to perform to expectation. Following ...
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Online Customer Experience

Customers are more than their last click

Wendell R Smith wrote in the Journal of Marketing in 1956: “Market segmentation involves viewing a heterogeneous market as a ...
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Analytics: the £25 billion mistake

Analytics: the £25bn mistake

In just two very short years the analytics market in the UK will have doubled to be worth a staggering ...
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Approach to Segmentation

A new approach to segmentation

Simon Hay, CEO of customer data science specialist, Outra and Professor Richard Webber, originator of segmentation, take to the stage ...
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Big Data

Why is big data never there when you actually need it?

Earlier this summer I cycled from London to Paris to raise money for charity. Sadly, one of my dearest friends ...
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Viewpoint: The Importance of Confidence Scores

How confident are you about your modeled data? If you reply honestly, the answer to the question is likely to ...
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