Utility Provider: Reduce Churn and Prioritise Debt Recovery

Using Outra Home Move Triggers, this utility provider was able to identify customers most likely to churn and miss payments.


Utility providers operate in a highly competitive market, with customer churn and missed payments a real issue. In addition, it is essential that the online application process is as fast and seamless as possible to ensure new customers have the best experience to help drive acquisition.


This provider was experiencing several challenges across the business. These included prioritising debt recovery for debtors who are about to move house, retaining customers who are about to move house, plus they were experiencing high drop off rates during the application process.


By using Outra Home Move Triggers, this provider was able to identify those customers most at risk of missing payments and communicated with them earlier to reduce the likelihood of debt. They were also accurately predicted when customers were moving in or out of properties before it happened and communicated with them to reduce churn.

In addition, by using our proprietary property data set to pre-fill online applications on the 29 million homes in Great Britain via an API, they were able to simplify and increase the speed and accuracy of the sign up process.


Home Move Triggers helped the provider retain customers who were most likely to churn and assisted in increasing customer on-time payments. Pre-populating forms using Outra Property Data reduced the time taken to sign-up and improved the overall customer experience.