With an ever-growing array of food-to-go options hitting our streets on a seemingly daily basis it is unsurprising that this is one of the fastest growing retail categories.

Customer ConvenienceHowever, new research outlined in Talking Retail reveals that whilst we are hoovering up street food and gourmet pies by the bucket load, we’re snubbing traditional convenience stores for our food-on-the-go.

In four years sales of food-to-go from convenience stores has dropped by a significant seven per cent.

Why is this?

Our insight reveals that for today’s customer the food-to-go mission has changed. Authenticity over convenience is winning the war. People want chicken satay from a stall worthy of a place in the much vaunted Singapore Indoor market or a flatbread from a Turkish café.

What they don’t want is a cellophaned pretender which is likely two days old.

Our tastes have moved on and food-to-go specialists are cashing in of the trend. Just look at the phenomenal rise of chains like Itzu or Chop’d. Supermarkets and convenience stores need to change their ways or risk losing this valuable market.

Some are beginning to move in this direction, for instance, Waitrose in Bloomsbury has introduced Sushi Daily into its store, a sushi deli where people can buy fresh, handmade delicious sushi to take away.

The key takeaway for organisations – of any type – is in the understanding of market trends.

Having one eye on the customer is essential in today’s fast-moving world. Without it, you can quite literally find yourself irrelevant and therefore out of business.