M&A data underpins the brand - OutraRetail giant Marks & Spencer (M&S) looks forward to focusing on data and personalisation, with hope to turn around their future and make themselves one of the world’s leading retailers once again. A number of procedures have been put into place and set to take action. These procedures have been planned to be beneficial for M&S in the long run. One of these procedures are a ‘closure programme’. This involves shutting down more than 100 M&S locations for clothing and homeware. Another procedure to be carried out is to bring down the spend on marketing. With M&S’s loyalty programmed ‘Sparks’, CEO Steve Rowe announced that the programmed has not yet reached its full potential. It is the responsibility of data analysis to become the glue that sits above their business units, and underpin the brand and to move M&S forward into a positive future.

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