As GDPR turns one on the 25th May, we explain how data is still extremely powerful at solving business challenges

GDPRWhat is clear, is that the introduction of GDPR has changed the data landscape and has increased the need for comprehensive, predictive data to help connect the dots. Every day it is becoming increasingly fragmented due to the transparency and controls rightly granted to consumers, the new rules on length of data retention, the right to be forgotten and the need for Explainability of models – and all this is before ePrivacy changes the data world even further. As a result, what is important as we move into the second year of GDPR legislation, is understanding how businesses can achieve better business outcomes within the framework of today’s GDPR realities.

Our solution has been to apply data science and build a market level aggregated view based on the home, built up with customer data to create layered AI-powered segmentation. This takes advantage of complex, disparate and high volume data all of which is GDPR compliant. Not only that, but because the process of segmentation can be automated what once took months can now be achieved in weeks. This means that as GDPR legislation continues to change we are able create new segmentations cost-effectively and at speed.

Ultimately this new approach, the only one on the market born under the remit of GDPR, solves business challenges by creating outcomes that would not have previously been possible. Our unique blend of data, data science and automation has enabled us to build new types of powerful and predictive models which are explainable under GDPR whilst giving consumers more control of their data whilst respecting their privacy.

Happy 1st Birthday GDPR!