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Building upon our proprietary property data set, we apply the latest data science techniques to provide a range of off-the-shelf and custom solutions to meet the needs of the insurance market.

Solutions Tailored to your Business Challenges

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Optimise Pricing

Pre-populate Online Applications

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Property Data VariablesProprietary Property Data 

Gain instant access to a fully customisable property data set.

Drawing from over 50 data sets, including satellite imagery data and exclusive access to 20 years mortgage valuation data, our Proprietary  Property Data provides a richer more accurate view of 29 million households in Great Britain.

The data set includes over 500 variables on the property and its locality including our unique Home Insurance Rebuild Cost.  By using this data set Insurers can identify potential risks including; water escape – number of bathrooms, roof type and any building works undertaken on a property, size – gaining an accurate view of the number of bedrooms and square footage of the property. Variables also include planning applications, approvals, development type and planning start dates. Energy attributes include efficiency, heating type, consumption costs and window type.

We uniquely provide full transparency on modelled vs non-modelled features and apply Confidence Scores to show the probability of that value being correct. This helps you decide which variables you want to include. Our Property Data is the basis of our Off-the-Shelf Products  and can be used to pre-populate online applications.

Key Features

  • 43% more coverage than leading market providers
  • 29 million homes in Great Britain
  • 15% more accurate
  • 500+ variables on the property and its locality
  • Transparency on modelled vs non-modelled data
  • Confidence Scores applied to all modelled features
  • GDPR compliant with clear provenance
  • Instantly accessible via API

Off-the-shelf Products

Household SegmentationHousehold Segmentation

A customer segmentation delivering a more granular level of insight by combining the best data with deep learning.

Our Household Segmentation is built from our proprietary property data and key external data sets to provide a comprehensive view of 29 million households in Great Britain. By applying the latest deep learning techniques, Household Segmentation provides a higher level of accuracy compared to generic segmentations.

Divided into 50 discrete, descriptive and predictive segments, it can be further broken down into 200+ micro-segments and 2.9 million nano-segments. This granular level of  insight provides the basis for hyper-personalisation to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your communications. Based around non-personal data but actionable across all communication channels.


  • Segments consumers by property and household
  • 17% more predictive
  • 43% more coverage of Great Britain
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Instantly accessible via API

Home Move Triggers Home Move Triggers

Improve sales performance by communicating with customers and prospects with the right message at the right time.

Home Move Triggers can identify when customers and prospects are in the market to purchase your products and services. With 11% of consumers moving house each year, this is the time when they are most likely to take out a new insurance policy.

By communicating with your current customers in a timely manner before they move house, you are more likely to retain their business and reduce churn. By identifying when new customers are in market for a house purchase you are more likely to increase sales.

Our Home Move Triggers are built from our proprietary property data and offer the most comprehensive set of monthly triggers on the market. 


  • 130,000 monthly Home Move Triggers
  • Predict house move dates and likelihood of moving
  • Confidence Scores applied to aid decision making
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Instantly accessible via API

Custom Solutions

We can provide bespoke segmentation solutions and predictive models to meet your specific objectives. All our custom solutions are presented and accessed via our Customer Data Platform, Velocita. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

custom segmentation Custom Segmentation

By combining our data with third party data and your own data (such as customer service interactions, website clicks, CRM), a bespoke solution will deliver a more nuanced and predictive view of your customers. Segmentations based on demographics, lifestyle, transactions (recency, frequency, value), customer engagement, attitudes, behaviours, real-time opinions and channel preference, offer a combination of persistent and stable frameworks and triggers.

Customer segments can be defined from a granular level for marketing personalisation or high level for KPI and Board reporting.

predictive models Predictive Models

Predictive models can be created and optimised to help inform customer acquisition, retention, campaign response, loyalty, share of wallet, cross-sell, up-sell, market basket analysis and business profitability.

By analysing data over time, we can understand your customers past and current behaviour, interpret trends and predict future needs. This insight informs your messaging and targeting strategy to improve the customer experience.

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