Our People

Anyaa Coutts

Marketing & Sales Associate

My Role: To make other people’s dot to dot diagrams look prettier and tell a story.

Fun Fact: At the age of 6, I was featured in two BBC kids’ magazines as a model for the featured arts and crafts activity.


Archana Joshi-Bhatt

Data Architect

My Role: I help understand data and communicate interesting information through visualisation.

Fun Fact: I can spend hours in theme parks without getting bored!


David Spencer

Sales Consultant

My Role: I understand what our clients are trying to achieve and the issues they face, in order to provide a bespoke solution.

Fun Fact: My guilty pleasure is teen pop music such as One Direction, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. Love them!

Emma Duckworth

Client Data Science Lead

My Role: I science the heck out of data to create bespoke models for our clients.

Fun Fact: I am probably the least cool member of my dance squad.

Hugo Turner

Marketing Executive

My Role: To spread the word about what we do.

Fun Fact: I’m a twin which allows my brother to covertly swap places with me on a weekly basis (but nobody’s found out as far as I can tell).

Isabel Wood

Head of Marketing

My Role: To get the phones ringing.

Fun Fact: I am a tap dancing record-breaker!

Joe Knighton

IT Manager

My Role: To fix things technical (or emotional).

Fun Fact: In my previous band, I performed as a supporting act for the rock band Stiff Little Fingers.

Josh Levy-Kramer

Data Science Lead

My Role: Building AI to replace me.

Fun Fact: Bungee jumping has given me a fear of heights.

Kelcey Jasen Ellis

Kelcey Jasen Ellis

Client Data Scientist

My Role: I’ll talk data to you.

Fun Fact: I made an impulsive decision to move to the UK and had never been here before!

Kevin Rogers

Head of Development

My Role: I build and maintain applications for Outra and our clients.

Fun Fact: I asked my wife to tell me a fun fact about myself, she said: “You’re no fun”.

Louise Moraes

Executive Assistant 

My Role: To organise the office parties.

Fun Fact: I performed with three samba-schools on the same day at the Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro.

Matt Klaber

Software Architect

My Role: I build tools that make it easier for our Data Scientists to science all the data.

Fun Fact: I’m an endless fount of fun facts about my native Minnesota (for example, we invented the supercomputer, the indoor shopping mall, and the pop-up toaster).

Spencer Wright

Data & Compliance Officer

My Role: I’m the fun-sucker for Outra by checking all the dull legal stuff and ensuring GDPR compliance.  By keeping everyone legal I don’t get the attention and full credit I deserve.

Fun Fact: I ride motorcycles in my spare time to feed my wild side.

Steve Mutton

ETL Lead

My Role: Data wrangler, making disparate data meaningful.

Fun Fact: My wedding ceremony was interrupted by an earthquake.

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