Ultra-personalised Marketing

Outra Platform Dashboard

Pinpoint your audience’s attitudes, aspirations, and motivations

Outra360 combines exclusive household data with your customer data to identify high-intent customers and carbon copy lookalikes. Enhance every step of customer purchasing behaviour with accurate segmenting and targeting.

Outra360 turns data into revenue

Our platform provides never-seen-before insights into your target audience.

Localised data enables hyper-personalisation in every single customer interaction.

Every missed opportunity is an unintentional hit to your bottom line. Outra360 delivers advanced data science so that you can separate the fact from the fiction and plan your line of attack.
Outra Platform Dashboard
Outra Platform Dashboard

Know what your customers need before they do

Outra360 Prediction eliminates wasted budgets by modelling existing customers and predicting purchasing movements.
Meticulous Artificial Intelligence explores millions of data points to find the most effective use for your marketing resources: financial and otherwise.

Fine-tune your multi-channel advertising strategy

Our Outra360 Media Channel Genius tool accentuates the right marketing channel for your ad.

Until now, it was hard to create an advert that has impact. Businesses have tried time and time again to reach as many people as possible, hoping their messaging resonates with one individual among thousands. Instead, Media Channel Genius reaches specific target customers in the place that makes the most sense to them – whether that’s Google, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or direct mail.
Outra Platform Dashboard
Outra Platform Dashboard

Earn from your mistakes

The Outra360 Dashboard is constantly evolving… are you?

Benefit from key performance metrics that are delivered to you through an easy to navigate platform.

Remove the manual effort with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that provides inviable actional insights.

Your bottom line is at risk. Avoid messy guesses and receive day-by-day feedback that allows you to evolve as a company.

Make informed and purposeful marketing decisions

Adopt the future of customer engagement with Outra360

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