Residential Property Data

Outra Property Data is a comprehensive database covering the entire UK residential property market; combined with brands’ own data it allows brands to create a frictionless customer experience improving retention, acquisition, form fill and dynamic underwriting. 

What we do 

We combine our own Outra Property data with third party data which is modelled to give comprehensive coverage of the UK’s 27 million residential housholds; uniquely, this gives confidence scoring and high accuracy.


Profiling all UK residential property allows you to match and profile customers and prospects to the address (property) level, allowing you to improve customer retention, improve brand loyalty, drive new business and create better marketing strategies. In short; your ROI drastically improves.

residential property data uk
residential property data uk
Outra will be exhibiting (Stand G45) at this years BIBA Insurance event in Manchester, as well as hosting a fringe session on GDPR. To find out more and to register your place click on the below link.

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Creating opportunity with GDPR

Speakers : Nick Henthorn, Chief Revenue Officer, Outra Much is being said about GDPR in the  media and it is a time of not insubstantial change, are you aware of the impacts? Find out what it means for your business, what others are doing about it and what learnings you can take.
Learning objectives:

Learn how brands reduce the risk by making GDPR understood across the business
Understand how you can help mitigate risks by creating the right organisational culture
Find out how businesses can prepare for regulation changes and how change can be used as a force for good by creating an opportunity for growth

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