Property Data Variables

Residential Property Data


The most accurate and predictive property data set on 29 million households in Great Britain enhanced with Artificial Intelligence.We provide residential property data to the Insurance, Utilities, Retail and Financial sectors

A fully customisable residential property data set:

Complete your data set with our AI-led data
Add predictive variables to your business models
Pre-fill online applications
Increase customer acquisition and retention
Improve the customer experience
Reduce consumer form fill
Inform your retail location strategy


Featuring over 500 variables instantly accessible via API

Outra’s residential property data on 29 million households includes over 500 variables plus our unique Home Rebuild Cost. Drawing from over 50 data sets, including satellite imagery data and over 20 years of exclusive mortgage survey data, and applying the latest data science techniques, we provide the comprehensive and accurate property data on the market. We uniquely provide full transparency on modelled vs non-modelled features with Confidence Scores applied.

By completing your data set with our AI-led data, you can improve the quality and quantity of online applications with Form Prefill as well as significantly improve the customer experience.

Our data also allows you to identify potential risks such as water escape by accurately assessing the number of bathrooms, roof type, unusual properties, and any building works undertaken as well gain an accurate view of the number of bedrooms and square footage of the property.

Refreshed monthly and GDPR compliant with clear provenance, our property data is fully customisable depending on your requirements and can be accessed instantly by API or provided in batch.


Key Features

  • Latest data science techniques applied
  • 43% more actual data on GB properties
  • 15% more accurate property data and models
  • Predict Home Rebuild Cost
  • Confidence Scores applied to modelled features
  • GDPR compliant with clear provenance
  • Instantly accessible via API or batch
  • Address matching to UPRN identifiers
  • Custom models can be created to achieve specific business objectives

To find out how our residential property data will improve business performance, get in touch for more information