Property Data Solutions

Our proprietary property model provides a unique and accurate view of 29M households in Great Britain.

Outra has created a rich holistic view of every single household in England, Scotland and Wales. Our GDPR compliant data is refreshed weekly and is created from 500+ variables relating to the property and the locale, including surveys, online listings, land registry (England, Scotland, Wales), EPC, listed buildings, planning permissions, birth data, life-stage and lifestyle data and 500+ points of interest. The data also includes time sensitive triggers such as move dates, planning application or having a baby.  

Key features: 

  • Includes exclusive Mortgage Valuation Data – 90,000 valuations per month
  • Provides 30% more coverage 
  • 20% more predictive
  • All modelled features are accompanied by confidence scores
  • Latest data science techniques applied
  • 60% proprietary data and 40% open source
  • Refreshed weekly
  • Address matching to UPRN identifiers
  • All data sources are GDPR compliant with clear provenance
  • 100% coverage of key attributes
  • Includes industry specific attributes such as Rebuild Costs for the insurance market
  • Accessible via Outra API.

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