Outra Property Data

Outra Property Data is our proprietary property database providing a unique and accurate view of 29M households in the UK.

The GDPR compliant data is refreshed weekly and draws upon 20+ data sources. Applying 50+ key property attributes and a further 500+ additional local and behavioural attributes, we have created a rich holistic view of every single household in England, Scotland and Wales. 

Outra Property Data can provide businesses with property insights and has been used to build all our products and solutions, including Home Move Triggers, Home Insurance Form FillQuanta Segmentation and tailored Customer Segmentations.

What makes Outra Property Data Different?

  • Includes exclusive Mortgage Valuation Data – 90,000 valuations per month
  • Provides 30% more coverage 
  • 20% more predictive
  • Latest data science techniques applied
  • 60% proprietary data and 40% open source
  • Refreshed weekly
  • Address matching to UPRN identifiers
  • All modelled features are accompanied by confidence scores with clear provenance 
  • All data sources are GDPR compliant
  • 100% coverage of key attributes
  • Includes industry specific attributes such as Rebuild Costs for the insurance market
  • Accessible via Outra API.



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