Quanta Segmentation

Outra has developed Quanta, a new approach to segmentation using the latest data science techniques. We believe that more accurate and predictive segmentations can now be created at lower cost and greater speed to align to business objectives. This can involve layering multiple segmentations together.

Quanta Customer, is the first in a series of segmentations from Outra. It is the only customer classification tool to be developed in the last 30 years. Built using various data sources with trackable known provenance, it provides the most comprehensive coverage of 29M households in Great Britain. We have classified them into 2.9M segments which can be delivered at multiple levels to meet your requirements. This means insight is delivered at a much closer level than traditional models. We call this nano-segmentation.

Through building insights about your customers, we understand why they behave as they do and what motivates them to act. We monitor and analyse this data over time to interpret trends and predict future customer needs. This means we can identify when individual customers are in the market for a specific product, know what type of communication will result in a purchase and understand how to engage them for future purchases.

To meet your specific business objectives, Quanta can be combined at speed with your own customer data to create tailored segmentations, incorporating specific data sources where required.

What is the Quanta difference?

  • Delivered at speed
  • Flexible and agile
  • Highly predictive
  • Built using deep learning
  • Proprietary data never used before
  • Actual, not modelled data
  • Proven data provenance and GDPR compliance.

How can Quanta help your business?

  • Reduce marketing wastage
  • Improve customer targeting
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers
  • Understand how your customers’ behaviour changes over time and predict future behaviour
  • Combine Quanta with your own customer data to drive stronger results
  • Quanta can be tailored to deliver to your specific business objectives.

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