Household Segmentation

Household Customer Segmentation

A customer segmentation delivering a more granular level of customer insight by combining the best data with leading AI and deep learning


Segments at household level

17% more predictive

43% more coverage of Great Britain

200 micro-segments provides a granular level of consumer insight

Instantly accessible via the Outra API

Actionable across offline and online channels

Inform acquisition and retention strategies and improve the customer experience

A nano-segmentation built from the home up

Quanta Household Segmentation is built from our proprietary property data and key external data sets to provide a comprehensive view of 29 million households in Great Britain. By applying the latest deep learning techniques, Quanta Household Segmentation provides a higher level of accuracy compared to generic segmentations.  

Divided into 50 discrete, descriptive and predictive segments, it can be further broken down into 200+ micro-segments and 2.9 million nano-segments. This granular level of customer insight provides the basis for hyper-personalisation to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your communications. Based around non-personal data and is fully GDPR compliant, it can still be actioned across offline and online channels to communicate with your customers and prospects in a timely and relevant manner. 

Quanta Household is a cost-effective customer segmentation solution instantly accessible via the Outra API.


  • Understand your customer base at a granular or macro level
  • Customise your product, pricing and marketing strategy
  • Deliver more refined messaging and targeting 
  • Communicate with your customers through the most relevant channel
  • Plan and optimise store location planning 
  • Improve campaign ROI

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