Household Segmentation

Quanta Household Segmentation

A geo-demographic segmentation built at household level using the most innovative deep learning techniques to accurately predict customer and prospect profiles


Get to know your customer base at household level

Understand your customers’ purchasing behaviour

Identify your target customers

Deliver more refined campaign messaging

Improve marketing ROI


Identify, retain and grow your best customers

Quanta Household Segmentation classifies 29 million households in Great Britain into 37 descriptive and predictive segments. Based around non-personal data and fully GDPR compliant, it has been created from our proprietary property data set, demographic, financial and locality data. Using an innovative deep learning approach, Quanta Household accurately predicts customer and prospect profiles. We can append your own customer data at address level to uncover insights that can be actioned across offline and online channels to communicate more effectively with your customers and prospects.

Quanta Household Segmentation can be further enhanced by combining the power of Quanta with multiple sources and types of data, such as loyalty, online, EPOS, CRM plus relevant third-party data to create custom segmentation solutions to meet your specific business objectives.

Segmentation Features

  • Segments customers and prospects at household level
  • 17% more predictive than comparative solutions
  • 43% more actual data on GB properties
  • Trained from 20 years of exclusive historical data
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Actionable across on and offline channels
  • Address matching to UPRN identifiers
  • Instantly available

To identify, retain and grow your best customers with Quanta Household Segmentation, get in touch for a free demo