Quanta Pre-Movers Segmentation

The UK’s only predictive segmentation of home movers built from Outra’s proprietary property and trigger data. Understand the characteristics and motivations of segments most likely to move house


Predict who in the UK is most likely to move house

Understand when and why they will move 

Retain customers at a time when they are most likely to switch suppliers

Attract new customers at a low cost of acquisition

Target segments with specific products before and after they move home

Improve campaign planning – communicate to customers and prospects at the right time

Communicate the right product or service with the right message to the right audience 

Optimise your home mover strategy


Understand the intentions and motivations of home movers and improve customer acquisition and retention performance

Unlock the potential of home movers

Home movers are one of the most attractive groups of customers because their propensity to spend increases significantly. After having a baby, moving house is the single largest trigger for new purchasing decisions – everything from new financial products such as mortgages, loans and credit cards through to new energy and services suppliers and home improvements including high ticket white and brown goods.

Timing is everything. Reaching out too late and you run the risk of losing a potential sale; too early and your communications will be discounted. Understanding exactly where your existing and potential customers are in their move journey and crucially when they make buying decisions relating to your product or service.

Quanta Pre-Movers Segmentation is built from our proprietary property and trigger data, including exclusive use of 20 years mortgage valuation data combined with an additional ten data sets. By applying sophisticated semi-supervised machine learning we have identified 38 segments which indicate their likelihood to move along with property and location attributes, property trends and geo-demographic features.

Each segment describes the property itself defined according to the property type, size, value and location (including information on local amenities, schools and crime) plus the composition of the household by life-stage indicators which provides information around likely age, income and presence of children. Built at household level, our segmentation is fully GDPR compliant with clear provenance.

Product Features

• The UK’s only segmentation of home movers
• Includes both renters and homeowners
• 8% more predictive than any other trigger data on the market
• Generates features on 29 million UK households
• Developed with sophisticated semi-supervised machine learning
• 38 distinct and descriptive segments
• Trends and changes over time are monitored
• GDPR compliant
• Instantly accessible via API

Applying Quanta Pre-Movers Segmentation couldn’t be easier with our proprietary workflow process

Quanta Pre-Movers Segmentation Attributes (insert tableau summary image)

Optimise your mover marketing strategy with Quanta Pre-Movers Segmentation