Reflections on my first 100 days at Outra part 3

In part 1 of my first 100 days reflections I mentioned that things at Outra seem to happen 4x faster, that’s why it isn’t the first 100 days reflection that you expect.

The pace of data engineering, data science, innovation, and sales has astonished me; there is real pace and agility. This is down to three things: the data fabric architecture, the operating model and the people. Yes you’ve got it: Technology, Process and People.

I’ll write elsewhere about the Outra data fabric architecture, and I spoke about it at the A-Team Group Data Management Conference in London recently, so I won’t say much more here beyond the fact that it gives the data science and innovation teams amazing flexibility and capability for agility.

The operating model is fascinating: we have data engineers reporting into the CTO (more elsewhere), Data Scientists reporting into the Chief Data Scientist and the Innovation Team (Explorer team) reporting into me. 

The Explorer team are supported by the other two teams and are set up to push the boundaries and develop new products beyond MVP. This is where the exceptional agility is taking place; products being designed and built in hours and days rather than weeks and months. These innovations are then market tested with clients and, if proven, passed back into the other two teams for ‘production’. 

The Engineers and Scientists are also building and tuning the ML models, bringing in new data sets and maintaining the fabric. Not to be forgotten are the Product, Marketing and Sales teams who are truly data literate and take innovative, fresh off the shelf products and services to the clients. It is this Op Model that enables stunning agility, innovation and the ability to bring products to market at an astonishing pace. 

So, in the 25 days I rapidly learnt to buckle up and get ready for a Formula 1-style ride. 

Author: Peter Jackson, Chief Data and Product Officer