Reflections on my first 100 days at Outra

In the Chief Data Officer’s Playbook, Caroline Carruthers and I wrote a chapter about the first 100 days as a CDO. You’re correct, I haven’t been at Outra for 100 days yet, but things here seem to move 4x faster than anywhere else.

So, some reflections after my first 25 days. These reflections will come in a series of posts. I did heed  our own advice to listen and learn in the first 100 days (lots of Cake and Coffee, Caroline would be proud of me!)

Many people have heard me say this before!

‘The world’s most ambitious organisations, regardless of sector or vertical, need to leverage data analytics and insight to become data driven. These organisations want to be data-driven to excel at operational efficiency, create value, delight customers and citizens, engage employees, gain competitive advantage, meet regulatory demands, and join the pack of leaders rather than fall behind into the ranks of the laggards. Business is becoming increasingly complex, the pace of change is accelerating, and markets are evolving rapidly.’

Well, to be honest, organisations that have true ambitions to leverage data science face 3 big hurdles:

  1. Investment in technology to ingest data, bring it together, engineer it and then do the data science;
  2. Investment in people in a very hot data skills market to do the clever things required.
  3. A long time to value realisation.

What I’ve discovered in my first 25 days at Outra is that we’ve invested in the technology, recruited the people and are ready to deliver value for our clients. I’ve also discovered that we provide (Data Science as a Service (DSaaS), accelerating our clients’ journey so they can meet those ambitions.

Bringing together multiple data sets and applying market-leading data science, transforming Data into Wisdom; the Outra products enable organisations to become data driven and accelerate into the pack of leaders. Outra moves an organisation rapidly up the DIKW pyramid from Data to Wisdom.

Author: Peter Jackson, Chief Data and Product Officer