Retail Data Solutions

Modern retail has proven that the most successful retailers put data at the heart of their business.

  • Build a deep understanding of customers 
  • Manage multiple data sources with speed
  • Reduce marketing wastage
  • Get insights to aid store location planning.

The giants of modern retail have unparalleled data on customers – what they buy, search, watch, read and more. Data is the lifeblood of retail, but the challenge is to win against the giants when data, science, and technology resources and skills are stretched. The winners are using data to delight customers in every step of the shopping experience and driving every decision that sits behind this.

To win, retailers need to embrace all their data assets and break down the silos that get in the way of accuracy, speed and agility. Customer centricity is about understanding every touch-point in the customer journey, but it also means understanding customers’ lives beyond the brand and, crucially, what motivates them to act. Armed with the right data in the right place and the right time, the journey starts to use science to optimise and automate decision-making. The goal is to make 10,000s of decisions, 1,000s of times faster with the science understood by leaders but the execution done by machines.

The team at Outra has unrivaled experience in the retail sector, and have been at the forefront of the data revolution for retailers for over 25 years. We have worked with major retailers in every corner of the world. We help retailers use data, science and technology to differentiate and win.

Our Velocita Customer Data Platform brings together multiple sources of data enabling retailers to gain a holistic view of their customers’ motivations, current and future needs and behaviour. This includes data on your customer’s home, their life outside the home, their shopping behaviour, right through to dynamic on-line data.

Our Quanta Customer Segmentation enables retailers to keep in touch with rapidly changing customer behaviours and motivations, focusing on the whole customer and specific business issues such as price sensitivity, promotion, engagement, loyalty, channel usage, lapsing, marketing responsiveness and more.

We can also offer retailers specific insights, modelling and analytics to help develop store location strategies and create Retail Viability Indices, to evaluate existing retail portfolios and inform future location planning. Outra can create bespoke solutions to meet your individual business requirements and help you gain competitive advantage.

Outra solutions can help retailers:

  • Build a deep understanding of customers in and out of store, on and off line
  • Manage multiple sources of data with speed, agility in future-proofed, open source technologies
  • Bring data science to every decision-making process – giving you transparency and control
  • Engage mulitple stakeholders and suppliers with data and data science
  • Reduce marketing wastage
  • Get insights to aid store location planning.

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