Granular Segmentation

Going beyond the data

Granular Segmentation

Household Level Insights

By leveraging Outra’s UK Residential Property Data, and Outra Labs, we can take you beyond your businesses data.

Our proprietary segmentation platform, Quanta, gives a unique perspective on your customers by looking at them through the lens of their biggest asset – their home. This means we can provide customer segmentation at an individual property level, not an aggregated/postcode level.

A 360 Customer View

For us Granular Segmentation means distilling every single piece of data that represents a customer, to identify patterns and attributes that static metrics cannot see. We layer our unique property level perspective with rich demographic data. By combining individual data points and insights, we create 360° customer personas and portraits.

Leverage the power of data
Granular Segmentation Enhanced Marketing

Enhanced Marketing

We’ll provide you with insights and knowledge you need to truly know your customers. Helping you to reduce your customer acquisition cost, increase customer retention and improve your customer experience. Freeing you up to market efficiently and make the most of your marketing spend.  

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