Improve Customer Acquisition for a high-end retailer

Improving Customer Acquisition for a high-end Home Interior Retailer

The Situation

A globally renowned high-end home interiors retailer with 2 brands wants to better understand their customers and prospects for each brand, in order to develop targeted campaigns and cross promotions between the customer bases.

The Challenge

The business is at an inflection point with a potential move from traditional media and marketing to more digital channels. They wanted to understand how similar their prospects and their customers are.

The Solution

After receiving their customer data, we enriched it with Quanta’s proprietary dataset to better understand their customers by geographic location, persona and property attributes.We looked at their customer and prospect data to evaluate if they differed from one another by assessing temporal factors affecting purchasing (planning permission, home movers etc). Lastly using Quanta’s database and persona lookalikes, we identified the best prospects according to key characteristics.

The Result

Their customers were identified in 5 pen portraits which represented less than 9% of Great Britain’s population. It showed crossover of prospects and customers between the 2 brands displaying the target market served to date and giving a clear picture of the opportunities for the high-end home interior retailer to take.