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Monetise data to drive revenue and manage risk

Insurance and Financial Services by Outra

Customer centric data

In data rich environments its necessary to know how to commercialise it to drive efficiency and manage risk. 

By using data to develop an accurate picture of a household, Insurance and Financial Services companies can mitigate risk, reduce barriers to entry and better service their customers. Allowing for monetisation of data across business streams. 

Leverage the power of data

Outra works with Insurance and Financial Services businesses to leverage the value of all this data. We have created a variety of solutions centred on risk management and customer experience.

From predicting risk, or improve pricing strategy accuracy, through to enhancing online customer experience and hyper targeted customer driven marketing, Outra can help drive revenue and reduce risk.

Leverage the power of data

How Outra can help

Online Form Fill

Prepopulate online forms with accurate customer data, to improve customer experience, enhance accuracy and reduce drop-out rates.

High Net Worth

Identify, profile, and target the wealthiest 2% of UK households, to maximise marketing spend.

Combined Property Data

UK Residential Property Data which is completely customisable and easily integrated. Consisting of unique property attributes pulled from more than 60 sources.

Home Move Trigger

Know when customers are moving home to accurately identifying when to target them to buy products and services. Communicate with customers with the right message and product at exactly the right time.

360 Customer View

Truly know your customer with a comprehensive and deep insights report, providing a complete 360-degree customer view.

Rebuild Cost

Improve risk management with the UK’s largest and most accurate Residential Property data set Accurately predict rebuild cost to optimise pricing and predict risk.

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