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Data that completes the puzzle

In this highly competitive retail environment, companies need to instil brand loyalty.  By finding new ways to engage with customers, brands can stay ahead of the curve and maximise cost effectiveness. Data from spending habits, however, is one dimensional and doesn’t provide enough information to maximise customer engagement.

Outra’s data and AI driven insights bring detailed customer profiles, and behaviours to life. Our Granular Segmentation and Customer Targeting provide this missing piece of the puzzle. Supporting brands to deliver a superior customer experience by going beyond the last purchase or click. This hyper targeted and personalised marketing means brands can obtain a competitive advantage by increasing conversions and retention. 

How Outra can help

High Net Worth

Identify, profile, and target the wealthiest 2% of UK households, to maximise marketing spend.

Home Move Trigger

Know when customers are moving home to accurately identifying when to target them to buy products and services. Communicate with customers with the right message and product at exactly the right time.

360 Customer View

Truly know your customer with a comprehensive and deep insights report, providing a complete 360-degree customer view.

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