Increasing Revenue

Helping a Utility provider reduce attrition, increase conversion rates and secure revenue.

The Situation

A utilities provider serves over 600,000 customers offering savings, simplicity and service in broadband, utilities and mobile across Great Britain. Struggles with high drop off in sign-ups, subscription cancellations due to home movers and customers missing payments.

The Challenge

Several challenges were identified which were impacting profitability as well as negative customer experiences. The provider was experiencing customers missing payments, people moving in and out of properties and a drop off in sign-up.

The Solution

Knowing exactly when to communicate with their customers made their communications timelier and more effective. Home Move Triggers are built using Quanta’s proprietary property data model of more than 500 variables on 29 million homes in Great Britain. By combining this data with our leading-edge deep learning capabilities, we have developed the most comprehensive set of 130,000 monthly Triggers. We can accurately predict move dates as well as the likelihood of moving, accompanied by confidence scores.

Outra helped solve 2 of their problems with Quanta, Outra’s data science solution.

Identify those at risk of missing payment and attempt to engage with such customers at an earlier stage. The final in our online form fill that’s readily available.

Quanta’s proprietary property data model provides the most comprehensive data on 29 million homes in Great Britain, with over 500 variables including our Home Insurance Reinstatement Cost Model. Considering there has been a drop off in sign-up rates, Outra can work towards simplifying and increasing the speed and effectiveness of the sign up process.

The Result

Quanta’s Home Move Triggers Model helped the provider retain customers who were likely to switch when they moved home and also assisted to increase customer on-time payments. Pre-populating forms for the customer using Quanta’s online form fill reduced the time taken to sign up and improve the overall customer experience. 

By using Quanta’s online form fill, our client was able to

  • improve the customer experience
  • reduce form abandonment
  • cut acquisition costs