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Digitalisation and the green energy movement is the force behind the rise of the modern customer-centric utility company. Simply put, customers expect more. Retention and growth depend upon delivering a personalised customer experience.

Outra taps into customer data points at a household level to aid in better decision making. Our solutions support the delivery of a superior customer experience, helping with churn prevention, improved debt management, and hyper targeted campaigns. Promoting customer loyalty, trust, and advocacy to reduce customer acquisition and retention costs.

How Outra can help

Combined Property Data

UK Residential Property Data which is completely customisable and easily integrated. Consisting of unique property attributes pulled from more than 60 sources.

Home Move Trigger

Know when customers are moving home to accurately identifying when to target them to buy products and services. Communicate with customers with the right message and product at exactly the right time.

360 Customer View

Truly know your customer with a comprehensive and deep insights report, providing a complete 360-degree customer view.

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