A world-class team has come together to help brands harness the full power of connected data, insight and opinions.

Outra has developed a new platform and approach for companies to understand and engage with their customers more effectively, and to take control of their data under the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Outra’s approach builds a much fuller and richer picture of the customer as a person, not just a purchaser, ensuring brands reach the right people at the right time in a way that is relevant and authentic. It allows companies to interrogate the data and see what is on customers’ minds: what they want and aspire to, and what is driving their decision-making. Outra will deliver marketing solutions with greater transparency, accuracy and increased returns on investment.

Outra assembles a team with an unparalleled track record that spans customer profiling, political campaigning, marketing and data science. The company was founded by Giles Mackay, who draws on his extensive background as a successful entrepreneur in data and property, having founded property market analytics company Hometrack, which he later sold to Zoopla. Simon Hay is Chief Executive Officer and joins Outra after serving as Global Chief Executive of Dunnhumby, the customer data analysis company owned by Tesco. Jim Messina, who masterminded President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and served as his Deputy Chief of Staff, is Executive Chairman, and will draw on the resource of his team at Messina Group, the consultancy he founded, in advising clients at Outra. They are joined on the Outra leadership team by Sir Lynton Crosby, an internationally renowned campaign strategist, who has helped prime ministers on three continents win or retain office, and who will draw on the resource of his team at C|T Group, which he co-founded, in advising clients at Outra.

Simon Hay, Chief Executive Officer, said: “I’m delighted to announce the launch of Outra. Today, more than ever, companies need to take control of their data and use it better. It is getting harder to read the market, and brands rise and fall quickly based on consumer perceptions and engagement. With Outra, we are taking things to the next level – we are starting with a blank sheet of paper and a new platform and approach to connect brands with consumers. We are levelling the playing field by helping brands take back control and providing greater accuracy. Business has not harnessed the full potential of data to solve some of our biggest challenges and we’re excited by the opportunities that Outra offers brands to do this.”

Jim Messina, Executive Chairman, said: “Many companies have outsourced their understanding of their customers and lost control of their data. In searching for volume and using data and algorithms they don’t understand or control, brands are more disconnected from the wants and needs of consumers. They follow a scattergun approach for what is a surgical process. We are now in the era of “little data” and marketing approaches need to reflect this, taking account of the whole customer based on their online and offline profile. Outra has the best skillset, platform and approach to help connect brands with their customers and I look forward to working with the rest of the team to make this happen.”

Giles Mackay, Founder and Director, said: “CEOs can’t afford to lose touch with their customers or their data. Just look at the music, news and retail industries, which have allowed nimbler, digital counterparts to come between them and their customers to harmful effect. The forthcoming data regulation also causes massive disruption and opportunity for those that can adapt. Our vision at Outra is simple: we want to change the way that brands view collaboration with their customers. We have assembled a world-class team and developed a new approach that allows us to do that. It is a big market and we see a clear opportunity.”

About Outra
Outra helps brands harness the full power of connected data, insight and opinions by deeply understanding customer attitudes and behaviours. We combine our clients’ data with unique and proprietary Outra data, using advanced modelling, analytics and real-time opinions to help companies understand who their customers are, what influences them, and to predict trends quickly and at scale. Outra combines decades of expertise and an unrivalled track record of success in marketing, political campaigning, customer profiling and data science.

Notes to Editors
1. Outra takes a holistic view that matches companies’ existing data with Outra’s own proprietary data, which has at its core some of the most detailed property data on the market. The combined data is used to build a complete view of a company’s customers, which brings together their online and offline selves and provides new insights into customer attitudes and aspirations.
2. Using analytics that have delivered at the very highest levels of electoral politics, Outra segments customers into distinct target groups that are predictive, not just descriptive. This improves companies’ understanding of their customers: how many different types they have, what characterises each group and, crucially, what influences each group.
3. Based on this analysis, Outra helps devise messaging that is relevant, authentic and precision-targeted, helping companies reach the right people in the right way. This information is presented in a dashboard that connects the CEO and every decision-maker to what customers are thinking and doing. It updates in real time and uses machine learning to identify what matters most.