Data Solutions for Utilities

In today’s changing landscape customers want more than just cheap deals. Increasingly, consumers are seeking more meaningful relationships with their utility providers and are rewarding those that comply with their loyalty.

  • Improve customer retention
  • Get to your know your customers
  • Build customer loyalty. 

Data is the answer. By gaining a more in-depth understanding of their customers, utilities can better understand how to communicate in a compelling and welcomed way. Through our proprietary data for the utilities sector, which comprises the most up-to-date, comprehensive (29 million households), fully verified and compliant property data available on the market. By bringing this data together, combining it with our utility clients’ own data and applying the latest machine learning and data modelling techniques, we help our utility clients to build stronger relationships which translate into improved customer retention rates and increased customer acquisition.

Improve Customer Retention with Home Move Triggers

Customers are most likely to switch utility provider when they move house and 11% of the UK will move this year. This means that a significant proportion of your customers can walk out of the door.

We have combined our proprietary Outra Property Data with exclusive mortgage valuation data, to offer the most comprehensive set of Home Move Triggers in the Great Britian. By applying leading data science techniques and predictive modelling, we have developed c.130,000- 150,000 triggers per month, delivered in batch or via the Outra API.

We can accurately predict when your existing customers are likely to move house, enabling you to communicate with them in a more timely manner to help reduce churn.

Get To Know Your Customers with Property Insights

By bringing together disparate sets of data, combining it with your customer data and applying the latest modelling techniques and analytics,  we can accurately identify how to reach new customers and cross and up-sell to existing ones. By understanding why customers behave as they do and what motivates them to act, we can advise you on the right communications that build and strengthen the customer relationship.

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