Outra’s Customer Data Platform orchestrates the use of multiple sources of data, models and decisioning to deliver actionable insight with speed and agility.

Our Velocita Customer Data Platform connects data, science and technology.

Outra Velocita Customer Data Platform Diagram

Data Ingestion

Gather and process big data sets with agility and speed, and integrate structured and unstructured data in real-time from multiple sources.

Segmentation & Advanced Modelling

Apply machine learning to develop a deep understanding of your customers and their relationship with your business. Develop standard and custom modelling based on your business goals.


Keep track of your business performance with our enhanced customer intelligence dashboard, accessible 24/7 across multiple devices, through the power of data visualisation.

Enhance and Augment Data

Enhance your data with our Quanta Segmentation and property data, to deliver a deeper understanding of your customers. This can be further enhanced by science-led market research.


Automated access through API’s to connect to your existing platforms to enable you to drive insights and actions.

What is the Velocita difference?

  • Faster big data ingestion
  • We can build six months of capability in six weeks
  • Automated for efficiency and high speed – machine learning built in
  • Open source and modular to future-proof your capability
  • Transparent data and models so every action is understood and controlled by you
  • Connects and drives every decision and action point for the business and the customer.

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