A new study by Ipsos of 8,000 customers from UK, US, France and Germany reveals that customer experience is the top reason for consumers choosing a particular brand when making a purchase.

Customer ExperienceMillennials were found to be the most experience led with 70 per cent saying they would boycott a brand because of a poor customer experience. They were closely followed by Generation Z with 68 per cent agreeing. 73-90 year olds were the most forgiving with only half actively avoiding a brand following a bad experience.

Almost half of the respondents (46 per cent) said they would take a ‘one strike and you’re out approach’.

Whilst customers are quick to penalise organisations, they are also happy to reward those organisations that they believe do well.

Over three quarters (77%) will actively seek out a brand because of a positive previous experience.

The study also revealed that the bar is being raised every year as to the expectations that customers have. Meaning brands have to constantly evolve and enhance their service to ensure they continue to meet their customers’ expectations.

Data is key to ensuring a positive customer experience.

It is the foundation upon which a relationship with a customer is built. If a person provides an organisation with their personal information they expect that organisation to use it effectively. This is particularly true under the new GDPR regime.

However, good customer experience can also boil down to simple things like using automatic form fill technology to save a customer time when completing application or order forms.

It is therefore crucial to evaluate every step of the customer journey and identify any potential pain points and determine how these can be resolved and turned into positive customer experiences.