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Transforming Data, Transforming Results

Through Predictive Data Science we increase the power, precision and predictability of data.

Outra is a predictive data science business that helps brands gain competitive advantage through applying Artificial Intelligence to extract the maximum value and predictability of data. 

We are passionate about ensuring the right data and models are in the right place at the right time to help businesses make more informed and efficient decisions. We make organisations smarter and faster through automation. We deliver on the promise that data and technology has been making for so long but has often failed to deliver.

We bring a modern, science-led approach to transform data into actionable customer insight, at speed. By connecting multiple sources and types of big data and applying Predictive Science, we create more predictive data, segmentations and models to gain a deeper level of customer understanding. We learn from the past, optimise the present and shape the future.

Working across multiple sectors, we work entirely for brands to advise and implement the best data and technology solutions. We create better predictions and experiences to delight clients and customers and maximise return from investments in data.

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Our values and culture

“Our culture is built from a passion for innovation”

We are a team of driven and skilled people working to change the game for clients. Our culture is built from a passion for innovation, and for us, innovation is about the way we act. We are bold and inquisitive. When we look at a problem we look at it with fresh eyes. We constantly look to do things differently and ask questions that have not been asked before. We challenge the norms and ourselves to find the best solution. Drawing upon the expertise of our multi-disciplinary team, we work collaboratively to ensure we create the best possible results with and for our clients.

We are open and transparent in everything we do. That’s why we have developed a framework that focuses on the ethics of data and data science, the explainability of our models and, most importantly, the consequences of the work we do.

We are passionate, we are committed, and, above all, we love what we do.

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