Our team

Our team


Anyaa Coutts

Marketing & Sales Associate

My Role: To take other people’s dot to dot diagrams (see below!) look prettier, and actually tell a story!

Fun Fact: At the age of 6, I was featured in two BBC kids’ magazines as a model for the featured arts and crafts activity.



Archana Joshi-Bhatt

Data Architect

My Role: I help understand data and communicate interesting information through visualization.

Fun Fact: I can spend hours in theme parks without getting bored!


Caroline Worboys

Chief Operating Officer

My Role: I conduct the orchestra (our team) and client activity to bring our vision to life.

Fun Fact: I drive a vintage sports car as my run around but only when it’s sunny – there is no roof.


Cyril Law

Chief Technical Officer

My Role: To fix technical issues (which I tend to cause myself) when I build stuff.

Fun Fact: I like barbecues but forgot to take the tab off my can of beer when preparing beer can chicken.

David Spencer

Sales Consultant

My Role: I understand what our clients are trying to achieve and the issues they face, in order to provide a bespoke solution.

Fun Fact: My guilty pleasure is teen pop music such as One Direction, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. Love them.

Emma Duckworth

Client Data Science Lead

My Role: I science the heck out of data to create models for our clients.

Fun Fact: I am probably the least cool member of my dance squad.

Hugo Turner

Marketing Executive

My Role: To create dot to dot diagrams and add a splash of colour here and there to tell our story.

Fun Fact: I’m a twin which allows my brother to covertly swap places with me on a weekly basis (but nobody’s found out as far as I can tell).

Jim Messina


The mastermind behind President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. Jim Messina seized the reins on what Bloomberg Businessweek labelled as “the highest-wattage crash course in executive management ever undertaken”.


Joe Knighton

IT Manager

My Role: To fix things technical (or emotional).

Fun Fact: I performed as a supporting act for the rock band stiff little fingers in my previous band.


Josh Levy-Kramer

Data Science Lead

My Role: Building AI to replace me.

Fun Fact: Bungee jumping has given me a fear of heights.


Kevin Rogers

Head of Development

My Role: I build and maintain applications for Outra and our clients.

Fun Fact: I asked my wife to tell me a fun fact about myself, she said: “You’re no fun”.

Louise Moraes

Executive Assistant 

My Role: To organise the office parties.

Fun Fact: I have performed at three samba-schools on the same day at Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro.

Sir Lynton Crosby


Sir Lynton Crosby AO is an internationally renowned campaign strategist who has helped prime ministers on three continents win or retain office.


Matt Klaber

Software Architect

My Role: I build tools that make it easier for our Data Scientists to science all the data.

Fun Fact: I’m an endless fount of fun facts about my native Minnesota (for example, we invented the supercomputer, the indoor shopping mall, and the pop-up toaster).

Nick Henthorn

Chief Revenue Officer

My Role: I’m in charge of helping our customers (and their customers) smile!

Fun Fact: I have the worst sense of direction known to man.  It’s amazing I survived before Sat-Nav and iPhones were invented.


Simon Hay

Chief Executive Officer

My Role: To make “proper” coffee (and occasionally buy the wine) to help support our amazing team.

Fun Fact: My first notable achievement was winning a dress design contest, aged 7.  A career in data is definitely cut from a different cloth.


Spencer Wright

Data Compliance Officer

My Role: My job is to be the fun-sucker for Outra by checking all the dull legal stuff and ensuring GDPR compliance.  By keeping everyone legal I don’t get the attention and full credit I deserve.

Fun Fact: I ride motorcycles in my spare time to feed my wild side.

Steve Mutton

ETL Lead

My Role: Data wrangler, making disparate data meaningful.

Fun Fact: My wedding ceremony was interrupted by an earthquake.

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