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UK Residential Data by Outra

360 UK market view

Outra is the UK’s leading residential property data company. Our breath, depth, and accuracy of data is unmatched, meaning only Outra can provide a real time 360 view of the UK residential property market. That’s nearly 30M households’ data at your fingertips.

Know your customer

For most of us, picking a home is the most important decision we will make. Whether it’s the location, cost, size, or energy efficiency, where you decide to live says a lot about who we are. That’s why we have put property data at the core of everything we do, and it’s how we help businesses improve their marketing and customer experience. 

Reduce costs

Outra Data is more than just raw data. Our data science team use AI to identify patterns and actional insights into customer behaviour. Combined with our unique data sets, our range of solutions enable reduced costs for acquisition, retention, modelling, or whatever your business requirement is.

  • Combined data
  • Automated online form fill
  • Rebuild cost
  • Home movers triggers
Reduce Costs UK Residential Property Data

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